Our Business

We place a high priority on trust and cooperation

Camco’s principal aim is to apply technical knowledge and to deliver appropriate, cost-effective oilfield services that customers value. As part of this strategy, we are continuously assessing and investing in new and technically advanced equipment across all service segments.

By working in close collaboration with customers we gain a clearer understanding of their aims and preferred workflows. This enables us to deliver to the specific needs of each customer and helps to foster a strong business relationship. At Camco we place a high priority on trust and cooperation: we believe this helps to create high quality solutions, excellent value and outstanding customer service.

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Investment in new equipment is an essential part of maintaining service quality and aligns with Camco’s plans for business growth. In 2013, we extended our service capabilities by introducing new, state-of-the-art logging trucks, slickline units and mobile well testing systems.

This new equipment included Nov-Elmar (ASEP) double drum wireline logging trucks equipped with full Warrior systems for data acquisition. These are being used for running cased hole, logging open hole and perforation in land wells. The well testing sets consist of 1440-psi rated separators with inlet piping that is suitable for high-pressure wells. The sets are mounted on trailers to allow full mobility and rapid deployment.

Cranes specifically designed for the desert environment have also been ordered to perform rigless workover services, as well as new modular lightweight Lee Specialties slickline skid units and slickline and wireline combination trucks.