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Camco Successfully Deploys Pulsed Neutron Technology

Camco has again successfully deployed its pulsed neutron technology in Libya. The Camco team were working in the Ghadames Basin in northwest Libya on an old exploration well for an international oil company, with the objective of validating the hydrocarbon interval for perforating the well. Using Reservoir Analysis Sonde (RAS), state-of-the-art-pulsed neutron technology, Camco were able to process the data from the well and interpret the findings quickly and efficiently allowing the identification of the sweet zones in the well and ensuring the water intervals were avoided.

Reservoir Analysis Sonde technology can be combined with any production logging sensors for advanced reservoir performance logging. The tool is equipped with three high-resolution lanthanum chloride detectors array and includes time and energy spectra.

Camco Successfully Completes Cased Hole Pulsed Neutron and Reservoir Monitoring Operation in Libya

Camco recently completed a successful operation for a client in Libya using industry leading, cased hole pulsed neutron and reservoir monitoring technology. Working with the client to monitor the changes in the reservoir during production and quantify the formation water saturation, the Camco team planned and executed the entire job from logging program design to data interpretation.

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